Company Profile

Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd., is a branch of Y. Love Hong Kong company which set up in mainland(China), is an integrated design, manufacture, sales and service as one body high-tech enterprise.
Founded in 2013, the company has been committed to building three centers and a base (R & D center, manufacturing center, business center, silicone molding manufacturing base) for the market, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and a variety of product quality certification.our products are being distributed to the Europe\South America\North America\Australasia and parts of Asian. 
Furthermore, we provide OEM and ODM service. We have the leading design and development team, and strive to develop products of every perfect details, let customers can experience concentration and meticulous of our products, also let anyone who eager need perfect love can feel passion euphoric from our products. We are not only selling products, we will bring our consumers a new sensory feast to enjoy, let we be love warm care at the same time enjoy another kind of caress love. Y .love as your pillow indispensable partner, we will go with you all the time.

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